Budget cuts reduce police force

The Fremont Police Department, like most law enforcement agencies across the United States, has been responding to alarm calls since our existence as a law enforcement agency. Our studies have shown that historically over 98.5% of our alarm calls are false alarms. This number has held for many years and continues even today.

In an effort to reduce false alarms and continuously improve the use of limited public resources, the Fremont Police Department instituted the Model States Plan of false alarm reductions back in 1998. This plan, jointly developed by the alarm industry and law enforcement, was created to have a significant impact on false alarms. The plan included developing an ordinance which contained provisions such as alarm permits to make it easy for law enforcement to know who to contact at the scene of an alarm, a fine structure for false alarms as well as imposing some operational issues on the alarm industry.

With respect to alarm permits, the alarm industry was supposed to provide the police department with a customer list and advise all customers that a permit was required. Out of over 200 alarm companies with at least one system installed in Fremont, only three have provided a customer list in the past four years.

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