Police No Longer Responding

The San Jose Police Department has long maintained the practice of responding to reports of audible alarms reported both by alarm companies and residents. As the number of installed residential alarms has grown throughout the years, the demand placed on police resources dedicated to alarm responses has grown commensurately.

As is the case with many law enforcement agencies throughout the nation, the San Jose Police Department has seen its staffing levels reduced substantially, necessitating the reprioritization, modification, and elimination of certain police services.

Budget cuts reduce police force

The Fremont Police Department, like most law enforcement agencies across the United States, has been responding to alarm calls since our existence as a law enforcement agency. Our studies have shown that historically over 98.5% of our alarm calls are false alarms. This number has held for many years and continues even today.

Crime in Marin

The location table below lists the areas by neighborhoods and the table below that lists the crime statistics by month for each of the four areas. The statistics are updated monthly after the 15th of the month.